A 'Simpsons' frenzy...

We Are Famous!

Hometown Movie Challenge


In 2007 the residents of Springfield, Vermont received the honor of sharing their hometown with some famous Springfield residents, The Simpsons.


A contest was conducted to finally decide what Springfield The Simpsons would call their official home. Fourteen Springfields from across the country entered the contest and a total of 109,582 votes were cast to name the official hometown. Springfield, Vermont won the contest with over 15,000 votes!


The Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce led our town in creating a video to be put online and voted on. 


In addition to the title of 'Hometown of the Simpsons we were given a statue of a big yellow hand proudly holding a doughnut. We also were the location for the premier of The Simpsons Movie where a red carpet was rolled out and creator Matt Groening was on site. Hundreds of people came to town to be a part of the festivities. 


Springfield, Vermont was one of the smallest of Springfield communities to enter the contest making it feel like an underdog win. We proved that it is not the size of our town but the size of heart and  commitment to our community spirit that  made us rise above the challenge we have faced.