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Call for Nominations - Citizen & Organization of the Year 2022

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Every year the Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce honors a Citizen of the Year and an Organization of the Year for their outstanding leadership, civic pride, and commitment to the betterment of Springfield and the surrounding area.

We invite you to join us in recognizing those who are fostering growth and prosperity in our region. Do you know a person who has been making a difference in the neighborhood? Maybe someone who is always immersed in important community activities, or someone who has been devotedly involved with our local government?

Are you thinking of a business or organization that always goes above and beyond? A company that supports worthwhile causes and is committed to giving back to the community? Show appreciation by nominating them.

Winners of the 2022 Citizen of the Year and Organization of the Year will be announced at the Chamber's Annual Meeting in 2023. Help us give thanks to folks who matter!

Contact Taylor at the Chamber for more info: 802-885-2779

Deadline for submissions is Saturday, December 31, 2022

Please use these forms for your official nominations:

Citizen of the Year 2022 Nomination Form
Download PDF • 122KB

Organization of the Year 2022 Nomination Form
Download PDF • 81KB

Past Citizens of the Year


Donald I. Gurney                                1989

Leland Lawrence                                 1990

Lewis W. Baldvins                               1991

E.Sherburne “Sherb” Lovell                  1992

Robert S. Jones                                   1993

Mary Perry                                         1994

Douglas Richards                                1995

Eugene Guy                                       1996

Lawrence Keefe                                  1997

Barbara Sanderson                             1998

Douglas Priestley                                1999

Paul Kendall                                        2000

Willard “Bud” Watson, Jr.                      2001

Alan Woodbury                                   2002

Edgar May                                         2003

Rick Bibens II                                      2004

Ernest “Puggy” Lamphere                      2005

Marie Gelineau                                   2006

Nora Swierczvnski                               2007

Peter Andrews                                     2008

Alan Pinders                                       2009

The Springfield Garden Club                2010

Marita Johnson                                    2011

Sandra MacGillivray                            2012

Sue Dana                                          2013

Rosanne “Bunni” Putnam                       2014

Richard “Buddy” Dexter                         2015

Christian Craig                                    2016

Donald S. Whitney                               2017

  Rachel Hunter                                    2018  

Hugh S. Putnam                                   2019

Citizens of Springfield                          2020

Jean Patoine                                        2021


Past Organizations of the Year


Boccaccio’s                                         2014

HB Energy Solutions                           2015

Hartness House Inn                            2016

Springfield Food Co-op                      2017

Kelley Sales & Service                          2018

Springfield Reporter                           2019

Springfield Housing Authority            2020

Springfield Community Players            2021

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