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Member Spotlight - Lawrence & Wheeler Insurance

Business Spotlight Article #2: Lawrence & Wheeler Insurance

For Release 2nd Week of July, 2016

Contact: Caitlin Christiana - Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce


Business Spotlight: Lawrence & Wheeler Insurance

by Springfield Chamber Volunteer

Vermont is known for many things that have been around forever: maple syrup, great skiing, outdoor activities, and locally established, family-owned businesses. Lawrence and Wheeler Insurance is one such home-grown business that has planted itself in Springfield Vermont since 1828. Located in the heart of downtown on Main Street, lies the second oldest insurance agent in the state. Offering a service that assists individuals and businesses in finding insurance that fits their needs at a price they can afford, Lawrence and Wheeler has created a culture that makes one feel cared for, especially when it is needed most.

Walking in the front door you feel welcomed, greeted by real people and smiles, as opposed to impersonal Internet chat conversations or pre-rehearsed phone calls. That personal touch is a priority of Lawrence and Wheeler; President Paul Kendall says, “We are trying to keep the old tradition alive on Main Street, listening to our customers and running a business where local people are helping local people.” Paul and his brother, Bob (Vice President), have been with the business for about 25 years. Paul explains that it’s not always easy being a small town insurance company competing with some of the larger corporate firms out there, but people in Springfield seem to still appreciate the care of a local business.

Lawrence and Wheeler pride themselves on being able to work with their clients to help them find the best match in price and package by scouting a variety of insurance carriers. Whether it’s individual home or auto insurance, or insurance for a small or large business, the customer service received will always be top notch. The employees at Lawrence and Wheeler really care, and Paul Kendall is sure to prioritize the happiness of the staff. While fair wages, benefits packages and gatherings outside of work seem to be some of the perks of the job, Paul has also ensured that all staff “are treated equally and as part of a family,” no matter their title may be.

Providing quality care and keeping happy employees is important to Lawrence and Wheeler, but so is supporting the community. With such deep roots in Springfield, Paul feels it’s important to be active members in the neighborhood. Employees of Lawrence and Wheeler are often found coaching sports, volunteering as EMT’s, or attending town happenings like the Vermont Apple Festival. As members of the Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce, they value the importance of local business promotion and collaboration. “The Chamber connects us to other businesses,” Paul says. He smiles as he describes the significance of getting together with other professionals outside of the formal business setting and getting to know people better. “The Chamber puts on so many great events – the mixers, and Apple Fest – it’s about businesses supporting other businesses and getting the word out about good things that are going on in our community.”

Insurance coverage is one of those expenses that we often forget about until we really need it. Car accidents, house fires, 100-year floods and property damage often occur without warning. In an instance when misfortune does fall upon us it’s comforting to know Lawrence and Wheeler has not only assisted in finding the best coverage, but will be there for clients during that time of need. In our modern culture of convenience, it’s easy to shop the internet for the cheapest insurance quote, but those companies will never match the quality and care Lawrence and Wheeler continues to offer.

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