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Uplift Acrobatics and Springfield Chamber Celebrate Grand Opening

Uplift Acro kiddos hold the ribbon with Jerry Farnum (Chamber President), Sue Dana (Chamber Treasurer, Apprentice Sophie Noël, Owner Kaitlyn Knapp, Taylor Drinker (Chamber Membership & Events Director), Tim Knapp and Caleb Knapp

The Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce was thrilled to perform a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the Grand Opening of Uplift Acrobatics, located at 37 Main Street, Springfield, in the historic Woolson Block.

Uplift Acrobatics is an acrobatics studio owned by Kaitlyn Knapp. It is committed to enhancing the lives of students and their families by providing high-quality acrobatics training, performance opportunities, and a sense of community that is uplifting, inclusive, and supportive. Their comprehensive classes focus on a variety of acro topics. These include flexibility, strength, limbering, tumbling, balancing, contortion, hand-balancing, acrodance, and partner acrobatics. Time is spent moving through thoughtful acro progressions presented in the Acrobatic Arts curriculum. These progressions safely take the beginner-level student from log rolls and somersaults to the advanced-level performer tumbling across the stage. They also offer Lyra training and a variety of other workshops, camps, and intensives!

The seeds were planted for Uplift Acrobatics 11 years ago when Kaitlyn decided to start her own business bringing high-quality acrobatics and dance training to Vermont. She has spent over a decade offering her acrobatics and acro-dance classes at various facilities and locations throughout Vermont. In 2019, Kaitlyn decided it was time to begin offering her classes and programming closer to home. The Springfield community was very receptive to having acrobatics training introduced and Uplift Acrobatics thrived! This past year marked the introduction of aerial acrobatics in Springfield when she began offering lyra (aerial hoop) classes alongside their renowned ground acrobatics program. Kaitlyn is excited and encouraged to see the growth and evolution of Uplift Acrobatics and is thrilled to be in downtown Springfield!

Why Springfield? Kaitlyn chose to open Uplift Acrobatics here because she wanted to share her gifts and passion for the acrobatic arts with the children in her own community. Between her daily trips to the Springfield Co-op (her favorite store) and her husband working downtown at Dufresne Group, Kaitlyn jumped on the opportunity to become even more involved with the downtown community by opening her own studio located in the Woolson Block. She looks forward to many visits to the Black River Coffee Bar and getting to know fellow business owners downtown and throughout town.

What is truly special about Uplift Acrobatics is their dedication to offering classes based on skill level, from beginner all the way through to pre-professional. The same teacher who is instructing the pre-professional level acrobats is also teaching every level that comes before that, all the way down to the pre-k program. Students are learning from a teacher who sees the bigger picture and knows how to help them achieve their highest acrobatic potential!

Future goals for Uplift Acrobatics include continuing to expand class offerings to eventually teach all of the different acrobatic arts such as aerial silks and tight wire too!

Congratulations Kaitlyn! We wish you all the very best!

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