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Tales of a Pandemic - Celebrating... Cit

SPIRIT OF SPRINGFIELD! Tales from a Pandemic…

brought to you by the Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce


A Collaborative Storytelling of Community Resilience

Celebrating the 2020 Citizens of Springfield, VT


Spirit of Springfield is a year-long collaborative community project celebrating the Citizens of Springfield, Vermont and sharing our stories of collaboration, support, and resilience - all the ways that we have come together and cared for each other during the challenges of the pandemic.


The "kudoboard" space is for EVERYONE - residents, local leaders, students, senior citizens, business professionals, community members - anyone connected to our town. Think of it like a time capsule for capturing all the memories, big and small, of what it’s been like living in Springfield, VT during these strange times, and creating a record of all the things we’ve done - for our neighbors, our community, and ourselves - to survive (and sometimes even thrive!) during the unprecedented collective experience of COVID-19.


At the end of the project, our aim is to print everyone’s contributions in a book so that we can give copies to the library, the historical society, and have copies available for sale (with proceeds going to benefit a good local cause.) We encourage you to share your experiences on this page, through photos, videos, and written words - tell us your tales!

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Riley Ward, Grade 11 - read the story here