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Crafting Connections: A Chamber of Commerce Member Mixer at Vermont Beer Makers

Every month the members of the Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce are invited to meet up at a member business to build connections and explore a new business in town. This February we met at Vermont Beer Makers, a local craft brewery located near the health center on River Street.

We had a great turnout, with a mix of regulars at the brewery excited to show their coworkers their favorite spot, and members who hadn't had a chance to check it out yet. We also were fed with Pizza from Springfield Roots, a new downtown business and chamber member!

One of the main purposes of Member Mixers is to network and meet new people. A highlight of February's mixer was the number of new faces we saw. Beer and free pizza have a way of bringing people out of their homes! We had some new and potential members attend and even had a couple of people from the BRIC actuator cohort stop by after their class was over.

Vermont Beer Makers (formerly known as Trout River) is a local craft brewery that, while still embracing old brewing styles, seeks to create unique and experimental beers. They are one of only 10 original craft breweries in operation in the state and are run by a staff that deeply cares about beer and has a passion for brewing.

It is uplifting to see the connections and friendships that exist in the business community in Springfield, Vermont. Attending one of these events truly makes you feel the best parts of living in a small town, you may not think you will know anyone when you show up, but I can guarantee someone there knows you, or your work and would love to talk. Or if you are new to town and truly know no one, after coming to a mixer you will have a whole network of people to reach out to for help, or just to wave to when you pass each other on the street. The Chamber is and always aspires to be more of, a building block of connection within the Springfield area. Whether it is facilitating events such as Mixers and the Young Professionals Group to get people over that first introduction hump, or setting up meetings between businesses to promote collaboration, we strive to make relationships happen.

We encourage all member businesses to utilize their membership benefits and attend these networking events. You never know who you are going to meet! Follow us on Facebook or visit our Website for information about the next mixer.

March's Mixer will be held at The Springfield Area Parent Child Center on March 20th

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