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Why Live in Springfield



Chartered in 1761 Springfield, VT was initially a mill town thanks to the Black River flowing through the center of town. Springfield is located in the center of the Precision Valley and was the home of the Vermont Machine tool industry. Springfield was such an important producer of machinery, that during World War II Springfield was 7th on the list of potential bombing targets in the country. Springfield still produces machine parts today.

Springfield is also famous for having Vermont's oldest one-room schoolhouse. The Eureka Schoolhouse was completed in 1790 and serves as a welcome center for visitors in the summer months. Springfield is also home to the oldest amateur telescope makers in the United States (The Springfield Telescope makers) who have had their headquarters here since 1920! They host an annual event for telescope makers around the country. 

On the other list of firsts for Springfield, is Hartness State Airport, the first airport in Vermont. The Hartness State Airport, named for Governor James Hartness of Springfield, is still in operation today offering hangers and runways for privately owned planes. James Hartness was the Governor of Vermont from 1921-1923. He was active in the machine tool industry as an inventor and entrepreneur. 

 Springfield is a place with a long rich history. While we have moved forward, we are still connected to a past that has given current residents a sense of pride. Springfield has a long history of entrepreneurship that can still be seen today. The majority of our businesses are locally owned and operated. We are proud of all that has been accomplished in our town and look forward to the future and new endeavors.

Misty Morning


Springfield is surrounded by trails, parks, forests, preserves, and reservoirs.  We have multiple trails and a bike path leading through town, along the river. Springfield is perfect for those who enjoy their time in nature with endless hiking opportunities. Even without all of the protected areas, there are miles of woods belonging to private owners keeping the view immaculate. 


Springfield has a relatively small population and small-town feel, there are many community events held year-round and an abundance of clubs and organizations to join. As a town full of art and nature there are many opportunities to get involved in the town and make new connections.

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