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Young Professionals Group - Uplift Acrobatics
Young Professionals Group - Uplift Acrobatics
Feb 28, 2024, 7:00 PM
Uplift Acrobatics

In an effort to create stronger connections between the young people who live in the Springfield area, Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce has begun hosting a monthly Young Professionals Meet-up. The intention of this group is to bring together young adults (under 45) who wouldn’t otherwise get to know each other. The meetings are casual, with the intent to create a time and space where people know they will be able to meet and gather with people their age. More aspects may be added in the future, but for now, the goal is to chill and chat.


Creating stronger connections and friendships between young professionals has an impact on the migration out of Vermont. Young people are more likely to leave if they feel there is no chance of creating connections and relationships. This group was created to prevent people from feeling isolated, to nourish connections by bringing together individuals who may be sharing a similar experience, share their thoughts, and create solutions. It gives young professionals a chance to share any challenges or concerns they have about starting their career and hear from people experiencing the same thing.


The meet-up isn’t exclusively to talk about work. Having problems finding an apartment? Chat with group members to help find a place. A band you love is playing in Burlington but you don’t want to go alone? Ask the group if there is anyone who likes the band, maybe you will find a new best friend.


This group will remain fluid and member-lead, adapting to the wants and needs of the participants.

NETWORK - Meet like-minded young professionals from local businesses and expand your personal and business network


COMMUNITY - Join the Young Professionals group to meet new people in a fun, relaxed atmosphere and expand your social circle


CONNECT - Connect with businesses and organizations that can help you further your career, education, and entrepreneurship goals


Anyone is welcome, however, this event is intended for those under 45


If you are interested, please email Taylor Drinker, Membership & Events Director, Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce at

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