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Green Up

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Green Up Day began in April 1970 and continues today as a unique Vermont tradition, bringing out thousands of volunteers throughout the state to remove litter and trash from our roadways, waterways, and public places. Come to the Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce for more information or to pick up bags

Learn more about Green Up Day: Green Up Day VT

Green Up Day 2024 will be held on May 4th.

Pick up Green Up Day bags from:


The Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce office:

5/1/2024 - 5/3/2024  8:00-12:00

The Springfield Town Library: During their open hours


The Springfield Food Coop Parking Lot:

5/4/2024 - 8:00-12:00 or until we run out of bags


All volunteers are welcome!!


Downtown 8am-12pm or in your own neighborhood or somewhere else around town


Saturday, May 4th 2024


To bring the community together to beautify our town!

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