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Discovering New Heights: Springfield Area Young Professionals' Aerial Adventure

On Wednesday, February 28th, the Springfield Vermont Young Professionals' Group met up at Uplift Acrobatics for a unique experience. Eight of us gathered at 7 pm to try our hand at Lyra and Aerial Silks, stepping out of our comfort zones into the world of aerial arts.

Uplift Acrobatics, located in downtown Springfield, hosted our group as we dove into Lyra and Aerial Silks. Many attendees were new to these activities, feeling a mix of nerves and curiosity as they came into the studio.

With guidance from Emily, our instructor for the evening, the group pushed through their nerves. After a quick warm-up, we learned a few moves before breaking out and attempting the apparatuses, relying on each other for support and encouragement. Despite being something completely new to most participants, they persisted, everyone nailing at least one move.

Throughout the evening, the group bonded over their shared experiences. Laughter filled the studio as they cheered each other on and celebrated small victories. As the session ended, the young professionals looked back on their evening, knowing that they stepped out of their comfort zone and tried something new. They pushed their boundaries and discovered newfound strengths.

The experience at Uplift Acrobatics was a fantastic change of pace from sitting or standing at a desk all day, and it hopefully inspired a few participants to look into their upcoming adult classes to continue this journey (if you are interested you should too!). The Springfield Area Young Professionals' Group is open to all, please contact Taylor at to be added to the mailing list. We hope to continue bringing the group to new experiences and businesses in the area, not just to expose them to new things (or hidden gems), but also to new people and potential friends and connections.

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