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Springfield Winter Carnival Was a Rockin’ Success and Thank You!

The 3rd annual Springfield Winter Carnival at Crown Point Country Club was a snowy success! Luck was on our side this year when it came to the weather – sledding was fast and the sky was clear – plenty of snow to accommodate all the outdoor adventures. Hockey teams hit the ice for a rousing and entertaining Broomball Tournament. With so many great entries in the Snowman Competition, it was hard to choose the winners. The Rock-n-Roll themed Cardboard Sled were a sight to behold! The newest event, Downhill Snow Kayaking Races, was a laugh and a half! We had 10 competitors in the Sunday blizzard with father and son finalists. The food and drink were flowing in the Crown Point Pub – a great place to take a break from the cold, warm up, and share a meal among friends. The indoor kids’ activities were also a huge hit this year! Troy Wunderle dazzled the crowd with his juggling skills, gave lessons on devil sticks, and pulled plenty of other fun tricks out of his sleeves. Other indoor highlights included snow cones, luminary craft table, and face painting with Mona Frye and Abbie Garrett. Last but not least, let’s not forget the spectacular fireworks show, courtesy of Atlas Fireworks and Kelley Sales and Service. Folks were cozied up by the giant bonfire, front and center for the fireworks action! The Springfield Winter Carnival is brought to you by Springfield Parks and Recreation, the EdgarMay Health and Recreation Center, Crown Point Country Club, and local volunteers. Thanks to everyone who joined us! We’ll see you next year!

Congratulations to the 2017 Springfield Winter Carnival Contest Winners!!

Cardboard Sled Contest:

Bling Award – Jake Tostrup

Spirit Award – Julian Roberson

Bragging Award – Garrett Twombly

Broomball Tournament:

1st Place – Team State Farm

2nd Place – Skeleton Crew

3rd Place – Black River Rugby Club

Snow Kayak Races:

1st Place – Garrett Twombly (son)

2nd Place – Kurt Twombly (father)

Community Snowman Contest:

1st Place – Erly and Willy Aviles

2nd Place – The Kids at Springfield Parent Child Center

3rd Place – Lorie Small & Family

4th Place – Amy Shaw & Family

The 2017 Springfield Winter Carnival was an enormous success and provided laughs and memories for all that attended. The three day event took place at Crown Point Country Club and would not be possible without the hard work, support, and dedication of many.

We would especially like to thank our 2017 Sponsors including Kelley Sales and Service and Atlas Pyrovision Entertainment Group for providing Saturday evening’s spectacular firework display. The event was also supported by Crown Point Country Club, Strengthening Families Springfield Cohort, Boccaccio’s Hair Salon, Black River Car Wash, Lawrence and Wheeler Insurance, Edgar May Health and Recreation Center, Graham and Graham CPA, Springfield Orthodontics, Springfield Professional Firefighters Association, HB Energy Solutions, Claremont Savings Bank, Red House Press, The Outnumbered Grill on Wheels, Springfield Police Department, Springfield Rotary Club, Bibens Ace Hardware, Dan’s Max Saver, Springfield Police Association, Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce and Gurney Brothers Construction. Thank you all so much for your generous support in helping make this an annual tradition in our community.

In order to make the event run as smoothly as it did countless hours of volunteer effort were needed throughout the weekend. The Springfield Winter Carnival would like to thank its steering committee members Denise Hunter, Bill Roberson and Christina Perez, Tami Stagner, Meredith Kelley, Dan Patria, Caitlin Christiana, Christian Craig, Jeff Matulonis, and Andy Bladyka. Others graciously volunteered their time to help out at the event including Kyle Austin, Don Pratt, Becca White from Sun Common, Renee Hebert and her staff at the American Red Cross, Bay Wheeler, Paul Stagner, and Sean Jeffers from the Springfield Fire Department were also on hand to help during the weekend. The Black River Rugby Club helped set up the bonfires and Crown Point Country Club’s crew of George Lamb, Brian Sheldon, Richard Vacca, Heather Koledo, and Sheri Arrison helped make the golf course the perfect setting for this event. Steve Gintof of Winter View Farm generously donated hay bales for folks to sit around the bonfire. They event also received help from Matt and Kirsten Aiello, Todd Priestley, Barbara Courchesne, and the All-4-One Program’s Tami and Michael!

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication and we look forward to seeing everyone back for 2018.

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