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Membership FAQs

Membership to a Chamber of Commerce comes with a lot of benefits but there are still plenty of questions about what membership will mean for your business.

What is a Chamber of Commerce?

A Chamber of Commerce is a network of businesspeople designed to promote the interests of its members. A Chamber of Commerce is often made up of a group of business owners that share a locale or interests.

In Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce's case, we businesses in and around Springfield, Vermont, we also serve to welcome new retail businesses to town and help facilitate connections between organizations and businesses. The Chamber also holds events for members and public events for the town.

What do I get for joining a Chamber?

Supporting the Chamber can bring many benefits, we promote and advocate for member interests, and we support the growth of businesses in the Springfield area. Check out the Membership Benefits Page to learn more!

Are you funded by my taxes?

No, the Chamber of Commerce is funded by its members dues and the fundraising we do throughout the year.

Does your business have to be located in Springfield?

Nope! Thought we do strongly suggest you become a member of your own town's Chamber first. If your town is near Springfield and does not have its own Chamber you are more than welcome to join!

How do I get more involved with the Chamber and Springfield Business community?

Attending mixers and other business events hosted by the Chamber is a great way to get involved with all parts of the community. If it is a specific business connection you seek feel free to reach out to our email and we will help you get connected.

Which events does the Chamber do?

The Chamber hosts public events such as the Holiday Program, Apple Festival, and Hackers Golf Tournament. We also host and co-host an assortment of legislative events such as the Legislative Breakfast, Candidates Night, and the Governor's Lunch. There are some events that the Chamber hosts that are for Chamber members only such as the monthly mixers and Annual Dinner. You can see all town events on our events page.

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