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Letter of Gratitude and Resignation

Dear Friends,

It is with the fondest of memories and bittersweet sentiments that I’m writing this letter to all of you, letting you know that I will be leaving the Chamber Director position at the end of September. I believe I’m here on this earth to create and evolve, and I feel ready for a change. Words cannot express what an amazing experience it has been working with all of you these past six years! It’s been an absolute honor serving in this role - I’ve learned so much, and built so many meaningful relationships, and we’ve all accomplished so much together! I’m proud of all our progress, and excited to see what’s next for Springfield.

We had four fantastic years of wonderful growth, and then the pandemic crashed down and changed everything! And while it hasn’t been easy, it’s been a privilege working with the Board of Directors to help the Chamber survive despite the financial setbacks COVID brought upon us, to continue serving our members and the community, even when we had to cancel events and had very little revenue coming in. We managed to find creative solutions for stabilizing and, thankfully, the organization is now back on solid ground. The Chamber is in a promising position to continue moving forward as a vibrant, well-respected, and relevant leadership entity in the community. In collaboration with the Board, we’re working to develop a clear game-plan for next steps, to help ensure that this transition is a smooth one for everyone involved. We’ll be reaching out to all of you for your input in the coming weeks, and I’m excited to make space for the next bright leader who can step in and join with the Board and our members to develop the vision for the next leg of the journey.

There is much to be worried about in the world today - these are intense and tumultuous times on a global scale - but here - right here in our own neighborhoods - boots on the ground, we have power. We have the ability to cooperate and work together and impact our own day-to-day lives in positive ways. I am continuously amazed by the spirit of Springfield that shines in all of you, the determination and pride, and your willingness to forge meaningful relationships and collaborations that are, step by step, turning this town around. We’ve come so far, and this community will continue to move forward and roll with the punches - picking ourselves up when we get knocked down, dusting ourselves off, and lifting each other up making good things happen. Springfield never gives up - there is always hope and determination here. And even though change can be hard, this community WILL persevere - the Chamber will persevere - and I’m so excited to see what’s next on the horizon. Despite the challenges we face, this town remains poised for a comeback, and I believe in that vision and in the great things to come.

It has been my pleasure, honor, and delight working with all of you for the past six years - representing and serving this incredible community. Thank you to my Board of Directors, for seeing something in me and hiring me, and for giving me the opportunity to be involved with the Chamber, promoting positive impact in our neighborhoods. Thank you to all those who have acted as my mentors, providing me with support, encouragement, and hard-earned knowledge and advice along the way. Thank you to our community partners for all the inspiration and collaboration. And thank you to all of YOU, our amazing members, for welcoming me into this work and sharing in such promising and exciting endeavors together. Thank you for trusting in me to bring my energy and enthusiasm to the scene, serving in ways that always aimed to meet the needs of the individuals as well as the sake of the greater good. Always remember the importance of human connections, and the value of authenticity. Communicate openly, share stories, listen to each other’s points of view, and remember to have fun! There is immense value in the act of uniting behind a common goal. Our growing success is thanks to each and every one of you for believing in Springfield and for doing your part, day in and day out, to ensure the renewal of this beautiful town.

Y’all are awesome, amazing people, and I’m so grateful for all the experiences we’ve shared together. I’m incredibly optimistic and excited for my next adventures, and I’ll see you all around town! After September, 30th I can be reached at where I’ll be continuing to work in community development, rooting for Springfield always!

Wishing you all peace, love, and prosperity!

In deepest gratitude,

Caitlin Christiana

Executive Director

Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce

56 Main Street, Suite 2

Springfield, VT 05156


Scroll down for some wonderful memories, and a message from our Board President, Julie Hayes!

A Letter From Our Board President

Dear Members, I never thought I’d be Chamber President in the midst of a global pandemic, but here we are! Things have not been easy, but even in these strange times, we have found ways to stay connected and to support each other through the ups and downs. Springfield has always been my home, I believe in this town, and it is my honor to be serving in this role and working with Caitlin and the Board, ensuring stability and doing all we can to support all of you, our members, and the business community as we ride the waves into the future. Caitlin has done a fantastic job as our Director - we’re so lucky to have had her wonderful energy at the helm these past six years, bringing her enthusiasm and leadership skills to the equation. We’ve shared in so many challenges and successes together, helping to make good things happen here in town and working with our community partners to build a brighter Springfield. And while we’re sad to lose her, we’re excited for Caitlin and her next adventures! It has been so much fun working with her and we know she’ll continue to do awesome things wherever her path takes her. She’s leaving us in great shape. We’ve developed a robust succession plan with a clear outline of next steps for this transition phase, and we’ve got plenty of exciting ideas for future growth and development in the works. The Board will be actively engaged with planning and activities as we move into the next leg of the Chamber’s journey. At a time when many Chambers are examining their circumstances and relevancy, we are feeling confident in our purpose here in town. Thanks to Caitlin’s and the Board’s hard work with creative problem solving, the organization is back on solid financial footing despite the significant setbacks we endured throughout the COVID lockdown - we’re in a strong position to continue moving forward, building upon the successes we’ve achieved together, and continuing to innovate and bring valuable services and events to our members and the community. And we want to hear your ideas! Our primary reason for existing is to support the needs of our members - now is a great time for us to be asking questions and collecting feedback. We’ll be sending out a survey in the coming weeks giving all of you a chance to share your thoughts, questions, ideas, and concerns. This is a pivotal opportunity to take stock of what’s still working well, and what aspects may be due for some revision during these changing times. Our purpose is to be in service to all of you, in the endeavor to best support the economic growth and vitality of our region, as well as the collective fabric of our community. We are all in this together, and I’m optimistic for the good things to come! We’re working hard to ensure a smooth transition and we look forward to many future successes and partnerships with all of you as we keep pushing forward!


Julie Hayes

Board President

Springfield Regional Chamber

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