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Meet the Candidates for Springfield House & Senate

The Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce helps promote democracy for the region through its Meet the Candidates nights. On October 23rd at the Hartness House Inn the Chamber is hosting a moderated public forum for the Windsor 3-2 State House District and the Windsor County Senate. The forum for House Candidates will run from 6pm to 7:15pm, and the forum for Senate Candidates will run from 7:30pm to 9pm.

There are eleven candidates on the agenda:

Candidates for House of Representatives

Alice M. Emmons - Incumbent Democrat

Robert “Bob” Forguites - Incumbent Democrat

Elizabeth Gray - Republican

George T. McNaughton - Vermont Progressive

Candidates for Senate

Alison H. Clarkson - Incumbent Democrat

Randy A. Gray - Republican

Richard “Dick” McCormack - Incumbent Democrat

Alice W. Nitka - Incumbent Democrat

Wayne D. Townsend - Republican

Mason “Cloud” Wade - Independent

Jack Williams - Republican

This public question-and-answer session will be aired on local cable channel by SAPA-TV. The Hartness House Inn has graciously offered to open their tavern at 5pm before the forum for informal conversation with the candidates.

“This event,” says Chamber Executive Director, Caitlin Christiana, “is an example of how we serve the entire region, not just our members. We want to give both the businesses and people of Springfield a better sense of the people who want to represent them.”

For more information, call the Chamber office at 802-885-2779 or

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