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Springfield Chamber Announces the Return of Group Health Insurance Plans

The Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to announce that Vermont regulators have approved the return of group rate health insurance plans for Chamber members! These plans were historically one of the important benefits that the Springfield Regional Chamber provided to area businesses, and now Chambers across the state can once again pass this valuable opportunity along to members.

The Vermont Chamber is partnering with BlueCross BlueShield of Vermont to provide three separate plans for businesses ranging in size from 1 to 100 employees: the VACE Advantages 100% Health Savings Account, the VACE Advantage Copay, and the VACE Advantage Copay HSA. “We're excited to offer these three competitively priced insurance plans to our member businesses and organizations,” said Springfield Regional Chamber Director Caitlin Christiana. “These health insurance benefits will add to the many valuable services we provide to our members, as well as businesses considering joining the Chamber.”

The intent is not to compete with Vermont Health Connect, but rather to complement the many fine plans the state offers already. The plans will be especially attractive to independent contractors, sole proprietors, young professionals, employee-based companies from 1 to 100, and those on the bubble, not receiving any financial or premium assistance from the state.

The statewide chamber organization plans to offer the plans immediately, with open enrollment starting Nov. 1st and ending December 15th. The chamber association also offers two very affordably priced dental plans and a vision program that are available to Chamber members in Vermont.

Darcie McCann, director of the Northeast Kingdom Chamber, who has been working with the Vermont Chamber, The Richards Group, BlueCross BlueShield, and the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation to get these plans approved, said “At one time, our statewide chamber health insurance plan served more than 17,000 Vermonters and was an $81-million program. We know how to run an efficient, seamless, and affordable healthcare program and have an amazing team in place to handle the stream of businesses that we know will be interested in these plans.”

Interested businesses in the Springfield region should contact Director Caitlin Christiana for more detailed information on the plans, a list of agents that can sign them up, or information on how to join the Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce in order to obtain eligibility. Call 802-885-2779 or email

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