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On Monday, March 11th a Legislative Breakfast was held at the Holiday Inn Express in Springfield. Co-hosted by the Southern Windsor County Regional Planning Commission, the Springfield Regional Development Corporation, and the Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce, this event was an opportunity for area business leaders to congregate with local legislators, ask questions, share concerns and ideas, and discuss some of the bills currently being reviewed in the House and Senate. The Legislators in attendance included Senators Alice Nitka, Alison Clarkson, and Dick McCormack and House Representatives Alice Emmons, Bob Forguites, and Thomas Bock. Discussions involved workforce development and workforce housing, education, economic development, health care, training programs for incarcerated persons, minimum wage, family leave, and a variety of other topics. Legislators shared news from Montpelier, addressed specific inquiries, and encouraged individuals to also visit to stay informed about their committee activities. Coverage of the event will be aired on SAPA TV, and can also be viewed on SAPA’s Facebook page.

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