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VT Dry & Cure Technologies Mixer & Ribbon Cutting

Owners, David & Jane Sandelman celebrate their business, along with their staff and Chamber Board Members, Sue Dana, Marlo Mora, Jerry Farnum & Cas Krupinsky.

David and Jane Sandelman entered the cannabis industry in 2020 - with 15+ years of experience in drying, curing, and storage in other industries. Vaportrol® Technology was originally developed for the artisan cheese industry - aging rooms! Quickly, the technology moved from cheese to aging and curing meats. From there, it was a natural progression. Being personal growers, David and Jane instantly recognized that Vaportrol® Technology could solve one of the biggest problems in cultivation - consistent and repeatable drying, curing, and storage. Let’s call it a light bulb over their heads “Aha!” moment!

VT Dry & Cure Technologies offers the Cannatrol line of products - the Cool Cure, DC Quick Start Systems, and Custom Build Solutions. Using patented Vaportrol® Technology, their products offer both cannabis home growers and large-scale cultivators reliable, repeatable control over environmental conditions during the post-harvest process. No other system employs vapor pressure management to dry, cure, and store. The system utilizes the power of vapor pressure to achieve perfect, uniform conditions - without overdrying. In every other system, once the dry cycle is complete, the product must be removed, or it will continue to dry to a crisp. In this system, it achieves equilibrium with the environment and the flower begins to cure and only gets better with time.

In addition to their product - VT Dry & Cure is also very proud of providing their employees with healthcare options, and other benefits! They have grown from a garage business to a multi-million-dollar business in 2.5 years and could not have done it without their amazing team of 10 people (and growing). Their employees are all Vermonters and many live within a 10-mile radius of the facility. They aim to continue to hire local residents whenever possible as their company expands. They recently purchased and are renovating a building in the North Springfield industrial park to make space for their business growth, they make sure to hire local contractors for the renovation project and to purchase supplies from local businesses whenever possible. In addition, they have monthly team BBQs/luncheons and purchase locally farmed-products for these events. For their customers, they also offer a Vermonter discount for our product.

VT Dry & Cure Technologies is a group of innovators who operate under a philosophy of continuous improvement. David Sandelman, VTDCT’s Co-founder and inventor, has 16 patents - and he is a problem solver. Every employee is involved and has input on the product (many are growers and use the Cool Cure system at home). That philosophy guides the company.

*We prefer to keep business local whenever possible. If you are a local business and offer a service or product that may partner well with our product, please send information to We’ll review the materials and contact you if there is a connection.*

Visit their website:

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