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Business Spotlight - Rundle & Rundle, PLLC

Business Spotlight: Rundle & Rundle, PLLC

by Springfield Regional Chamber Volunteer

Located just a short walk from downtown Springfield, the Law Offices of Rundle and Rundle are anything but ordinary. The beautiful and welcoming building is attached to Christopher and Amanda Rundle’s home, and the law partners—and life partners—share a clear passion for the community. Focusing mainly on litigation and trial work with real property, the Rundles practiced law separately in Miami for many years before marrying in 2004 and moving to Springfield only seven months later in search of a simpler way of life. In years prior to relocating, they both fell in love with the Springfield area when visiting their vacation home, and identified Vermont as a welcoming place, one that provided a very appealing alternative to the bustling, sometimes overwhelming, pace of Miami.

Born and raised in London, Chris attended Cambridge University and then moved to Miami to practice law and become a prosecutor. Years later, while in private practice, he met Amanda, who attended the University Of Miami School Of Law. The two are clearly a terrific match—in talking about what got them interested and keeps them interested in this career, Chris identifies that he has always loved being in court, standing up and giving arguments, while Amanda loves the legal writing aspect of the work; however, they both also indicate the best part of what they do is being able to work together. With their interests being harmoniously complementary in nature, they divide up all of the administration duties and are able to provide clients with a personalized service. They add, with a reminiscent laugh, that it is almost a “two-for-one” bargain, as they recount many times when they simply couldn’t stop discussing a case while driving to dinner and utilized each other for support and feedback. Amanda also points out that in being married in addition to being law partners, their interests are 100% aligned, resulting in a camaraderie that clearly benefits the interest of their clients.

When asked how they decided on Springfield as their home, Chris and Amanda recall their days in Miami, when they longed to get out of the big city in favor of a small town lifestyle. Springfield met that dream, plus other important requirements such as having the infrastructure and services, and an easy commute to the airport that they would need to continue practicing law and live more simply and comfortably. After she spent six years practicing with Dakin and Benelli, PC in Chester, Amanda talked to Chris about becoming partners and opening their own practice. This dream came to fruition, and has brought both of them to a time in their lives in which they are the happiest they have ever been. Rundle & Rundle, PLLC is centrally located, and serves Windsor and Windham counties, along with portions of Bennington and Rutland counties. Chris adds that they are in the perfect location—“dead center” between the courthouses of Newfane, Woodstock, White River Junction, and Brattleboro, and have ultimately found the small town charm and community that they were always looking for.

While they didn’t actively seek out business or cultivate a client base, Chris and Amanda’s practice has developed organically, and they focus on civil litigation with an emphasis on real property disputes, business and contract disputes, and occasionally some criminal matters. In addition to putting their hearts and souls into their practice, Chris and Amanda are also both very involved in the local community. Amanda serves on the Edgar May Board of Directors, is a member of the Springfield Planning Commission, and is the President of the SEVCA Board of Directors. Chris is involved in Springfield on the Move. They also indicate the significance of being a Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce member, emphasizing the importance of being involved with the local community.

After talking with Amanda and Chris for some time, it is obvious they love what they do; in comparing their work in Vermont to that in Miami, they explain how much easier it is to move through the legal system here, where emergency motions go through almost immediately—which was a nice surprise to both of them. Additionally, they love how welcoming and congenial the small Vermont Bar is as opposed to that in bigger cities, which allows for easy development of professional relationships. Amanda adds that she and Chris feel very strongly about their clients’ interests and protecting them. All of this undoubtedly culminates in a warm, welcoming, well-rounded practice that truly benefits the community as a whole—very unlike what we are used to seeing on legal dramas on television. Amanda adds, with a laugh, that all of those shows are so misleading, however, she and Chris enjoy a good re-run of Boston Legal themselves, and can definitely understand the entertainment value, even if the storylines couldn’t be any further from the truth. Chris and Amanda themselves are refreshing—honest, sincere, welcoming, and clearly in love with their business, each other, and the community. Cable television legal dramas don’t have anything on them!

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