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From left to right: Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce Board members Lindsey Dauphin and Lyndsie Perkins, Chamber President Amanda Moore, Acrobatic Arts Instructor Kaitlyn Knapp, Owner and Instructor Kyla White, Chamber Vice President Kelen Beardsley, Chamber Treasurer Julie Corliss, Chamber Board Member Amy Duffy, and Chamber Director Caitlin Christiana.

In anticipation of the April Open House, the Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce performed a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of Dreamz In Motion Dance and Performance Center at 363 River Road in Springfield, VT. The studio, which neighbors SNAP Fitness, has been a long-time vision of owner and instructor Kyla White. “I have always wanted to be in Springfield,” she says of her new business, “but the timing was never right until this year. Springfield is home for me and where I have always known I needed and wanted to be.” Born and raised in Springfield, Kyla attended Dean College as a dance major in 2001. She is a certified USAG member as well as USAF Cheer. The dance industry has several continuing education workshops and conventions that she attends annually to further her knowledge and expertise. Such workshops include but are not limited to: Monsters of Hip Hop, American Ballet, The Pulse, Contemporize, Artistic Dance Exchange, and many more.

Kyla was actually “the wee age of two” when she took her first dance class. So, it’s no surprise that she grew to love it and has chosen this career path. “I have always had a passion for creating, choreography, and instruction. I knew at about age 10 that I wanted to pursue dance and never looked back.” She opened her first studio in Newport, NH in 2009. “The first year was tough,” Kyla recalls,” being in a town where nobody knew of me and being just 25. I learned really quickly what it took to build and grow. I started with 13 students and ended the year with 65. And when I sold the studio in 2016, we had over 100 families. I sold that studio in hopes to open in Springfield and give back to the community that has given me so much support and encouragement throughout the years.”

Dreamz In Motion, which was established in Springfield in February of this year, is a dance and fitness studio offering classes in creative movement, toddler dance, ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, modern, acro, musical theater, salsa, ballroom, Yoga, Zumba, and the list goes on! They are currently one of two studios partnered with CLI which is a virtual master workshop series. This enables them to bring the industry’s leading professionals right to their studio at a fraction of the cost.

They offer both a recreational program as well as a performance and competitive program in all genres to attract dancers at all levels and stages. Whether their clients come for a little social interaction and fun, or whether they are ready to pursue dance as a career someday, Dreamz has a program that will fit their needs. They also host multiple community events for kids and parents such as Parents Night Out, Slime Parties, Sip and Paint Parties, etc. Their summer program is packed with classes and intensives, and this year they are excited to launch an all-day Day Camp (with and without dance), so stay tuned!

In addition to Kyla, Dreamz In Motion currently employs three amazing teacher assistants. Shailynne Stark will be joining soon, as well as Abigail Wilkinson, and Mason Martell (ballroom). All of these ladies have extensive professional and competitive dance background. They also have an amazing acrobatic arts program (they are one of only two studios in Vermont certified to offer this program) with Kaitlyn Knapp. When asked about the most enjoyable aspects of the business, Kyla is enthusiastic: “My passion is instructing dance technique and performance. I am one of those lucky ones who can truthfully I say I love every aspect of my job. I am so blessed to have this business and Springfield and build the love for arts and performance. Watching students progress and succeed outside of the studio is equally as rewarding.” (The only part she dreads? “Working the books.”)

In addition to providing a huge range of classes and programs, a big emphasis for Dreamz In Motion is giving back to the community. “I am SO eager to get involved as much as possible with the community and show them the TALENT we have right here in Springfield,” Kyla explains. “I have worked as a choreographer with the Apple Blossom Cotillion for over 17 years and I have also been the choreographer for the fundraiser ‘Twas the Night: LIVE through the Springfield Area Parent Child Center for the last two years. Now that I am in town, I am so excited to be involved in so much, providing performance opportunities and getting these young dancers involved as much as possible.” For Kyla, being a Chamber member means “giving back, supporting, and uplifting our community and fellow businesses. We can only succeed if we support each other. Small businesses and local businesses are what carry this amazing little town and I am so grateful to add to that with Dreamz. I love giving back to the town that has provided me so many opportunities over the years. Springfield is a diamond in the rough with so much potential and growth on the horizon, and I am so excited to be a part of it!”

Folks are encouraged to stop in and take a look at all that Dreamz In Motion has to offer. They’ve got something for everyone, ages 1 to 100, and they are so excited to get started. Their full program will start in June, but until then they are hosting numerous mini-sessions in all genres to give students the opportunity to test out what they feel might be a good fit for them. Dreamz is located at 363 River Road in Springfield. For more information, stop by the location, call 802-591-2289, or visit the website at Check out their Facebook page to stay in the loop!

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