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In the photo, Left to Right: Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce Board Member Tina Rainville, Cuppity Kakes employees Brittney Worrall and Luke MacLaughlin, Owner Michelle MacLaughlin, employee Jacob Minotti, Chamber President Jeff Perkins, Chamber Director Caitlin Christiana. (Photographed by Chamber Board Member Kelen Beardsley.)

“I used to make cupcakes with my mom when I was a little girl – ‘cuppity cakes,’ she used to call them – that’s where the name came from.” Michelle MacLaughlin, owner and creator of Springfield’s newest restaurant, Cuppity Kakes, has been working around the clock to finally establish her lifelong dream of running a bakery venue. “I’ve had this idea for a long time. I’ve been baking forever, and it’s taken me a decade to figure out the right approach and location and timing. I’ve been looking and looking, and I’m excited to have found this space in Springfield, we really love it.” A resident of Weathersfield, Michelle is originally from the area and graduated from Springfield High School. She talked about her fondness for the community, and how happy she is to be setting up shop in her hometown. “I love this area. It’s my home, and the people are friendly and supportive.”

On Monday, June 5th, members of the Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce visited the Cuppity Kakes location at 100 River Street, to welcome Michelle and her staff for their Grand Opening. A ribbon cutting ceremony was performed to celebrate the eatery as well as thank Cuppity Kakes for joining the Chamber. A benefit of Chamber membership is continued assistance with marketing and promotion, which will be a crucial ingredient in the recipe for business’s success. The upper-story site at 100 River Street is visible from the street, but the best way to access the restaurant is to head up Pearl Street and park in the lot behind the building. Then it’s just a quick stroll through the Great Hall where you can see a great variety of art exhibits, as well as a history corner with information about the Fellows Gear Shaper building. Head to the back of the gallery and take a left, and you’ll find you can already smell the enticing aromas of the bakery wafting your way.

The restaurant, open Monday through Friday, 7am to 4pm, serves breakfast and lunch all day, as well as a variety of mouth-watering sweets. They have a set menu, and daily specials, with emphasis on local, yet affordably priced, food; items such as omelets, hot and cold sandwiches, and tossed salads, to name a few. The cheerful space is decked out with fun specialty cake pans on the walls and a comfy couch in the seating area. The vibe is casual and welcoming. A standing case in the back is loaded with brownies, whoopee pies, muffins, and, of course, cupcakes - in an array of colors and flavors. They offer custom cake decorating services for any occasion, including weddings, birthday parties, and anniversaries. “Lots of graduations happening this month, so we’re hoping to get the word out about what we have to offer,” Michelle explains. Chocolate cakes, in particular, are her specialty.

In addition to Michelle, her husband Luke does a lot of the cooking in the kitchen. Her daughter, Brittney Worrall, and a friend, Jacob Minotti, is helping out as well. The staff is friendly and eager to please, and it’s obvious they’re all excited to be doing what they’re doing. Luke talks about his approach to lighting the windows. “We want people to know we’re here, so we want to be visible to River Street. Our windows overlook the road, but there are some restrictions in terms of signage, so we’re getting creative.” Luke installed a large “Cuppity Kakes” sign on the wall, which will be lit with solar-powered flood lights to give passersby a glimpse of what’s inside. “We’re hoping people will see the sign and get curious.” And who doesn’t love cupcakes? So when you’re driving along River Street after dark, take a look for the “Cuppity Kakes” in the sky, and consider stopping by to welcome them, and get a taste of what they have to offer!

Cuppity Kakes is open M-F, 7am – 4pm. You can contact them by phone: 802-359-2439 or by email: Stay up to date with all their latest specials and cakes by Liking their Facebook Page! #shoplocal

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