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SAPA TV & Chamber Celebrates New Location

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Chamber Board President - Jerry Farnum and Membership & Events Director - Taylor Drinker celebrate the Grand Re-Opening of SAPA TV with SAPA TV's Executive Director - Asah Cramer, Board Treasurer - Mark Blanchard, and Board Chair - Marita Johnson

SAPA TV serves the towns of Springfield, Chester, and Weathersfield. Due to a group of very dedicated community members, SAPA TV started in 1998. Since 1998, they have been providing its communities with access to video equipment, facilities, and training. They had been living in the Springfield High School for the last 25 years and are immensely grateful to the Springfield School District for providing them with that location. However, during the pandemic, access to the studios in the High School became quite limited, so during the summer of 2021, SAPA TV purchased a new building and has been constructing it into a TV studio ever since.

SAPA TV offers audio/video equipment training, camera classes, post-production training - free of charge to any community member/non-profit in their three towns. They provide a studio along with training on the equipment. At SAPA TV, anyone from their member towns can create a studio show or a video program. SAPA TV isn’t a production company, instead, they focus on empowering people to make their own video projects come to life. They are here to support folks as they learn how to work with audio/video equipment and editing software.

SAPA also records and archives the member town select and school board meetings and helps with coverage of community events. They helped to install hybrid A/V systems in our town halls, which allows people to join in municipal meetings from home, which encourages democracy and engagement.

Being in a new location, SAPA TV aims to establish itself as a healthy, thriving organization within the community. They hope to stay up to date on the newest technologies to remain a solid resource as a community media center and actively pursue more media opportunities that will allow our community members to learn and thrive in their projects.

Their new location is 335 River St, Springfield, Vermont. Visit their website:

Victoria Sysko, Board Chair - Marita Johnson, Jeanne Sysko, Bruce Johnson

and SAPA TV Executive Director - Asah Cramer

During SAPA TV's Grand Re-opening, they dedicated the ‘Sysko Studio’ in the name and memory of Steve Sysko who passed away in 2021. Sysko was a SAPA TV founding board member. His wife, Jeanne, came for a private tour after the grand re-opening to see the studio named in her husband's memory.

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