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We hope you are all faring alright and coping okay during these strange and challenging times! It is with heavy hearts that we must announce the postponement of our Vermont Apple Festival & Craft Fair. The safety and wellbeing of Springfieldians, our vendors, our volunteers, and our guests is our highest priority and therefore, unfortunately, given the circumstances of the pandemic, there is simply no way that we could gather thousands of people together at Riverside Middle School this October. The Governor’s COVID-19 guidelines are in place to protect everyone, and those restrictions prohibit and discourage large events at this time. Even as important as the event is to our community and our organization, it would be incredibly difficult for us to host the same Apple Fest we all know and love while simultaneously effectively enforcing sanitation, social distancing, masks, and the necessary safety measures with that many people on site. We were holding out hope that things might change, but at this point, we cannot in good conscience make it work for this year. We know that times are tough for many right now, and we are deeply sorry not to be able to offer this event in 2020. This decision was not taken lightly, but ultimately, we must act in the way that is safest and most responsible for everyone in this unusual situation. The Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors voted unanimously to cancel the 2020 event and postpone all related activities to 2021. Although it saddens us to skip a year, we are glad that folks are committed to doing what is right for everyone's safety. We're fortunate to be living in a state that has managed to keep the spread of the virus under control, and that is something to be grateful for. We must do our part to protect Vermonters and the great progress we've collectively made with keeping people safe. We want to thank our staff, volunteers, vendors, guests, and all of you for your ongoing involvement, and while we will miss seeing your smiling faces at Riverside this fall, we look forward to reconvening with all of you in 2021!

Best Wishes, Stay Safe, and Happy Summer!!

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