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Expanding Mental Health Services: Crissy Webster Counseling Services, LLC Opens Second Location

Janet Salem, Heidi Richards, Crissy Webster, Scott Richardson, Tyler Jenesky, Deanne Richardson,

and Jessica Beebe

Perkinsville, VT – [11/1/2023] – Crissy Webster Counseling Services, LLC, a leading mental

health service provider, is thrilled to announce the opening of its second location in Perkinsville,

VT, situated at 7290 Vermont Route 131, Suite 4. The expansion is a testament to the significant

growth and success of Crissy's private practice, which initially started in 2014 as a part-time

endeavor and has now evolved into a large multi-practitioner office.

Founder and clinician, Crissy Webster, began the practice by offering specialized services,

including Anger Management Groups and Juvenile Firesetter Assessments and Interventions.

The practice was initially a supplement to her full-time clinician role elsewhere, operating out of

various rented spaces around town. In 2018, Webster made the decision to transition to full-time

private practice, marking the beginning of substantial growth.

Currently, Crissy Webster Counseling Services, LLC boasts two locations with a dedicated team

of eight clinicians, one Billing Specialist, a case manager, and a part-time office assistant.

The range of services provided by Crissy Webster Counseling Services, LLC sets it apart from

other smaller private practices. The team offers counseling services, case management,

psychosocial evaluations, group sessions, parenting work, and contract work, catering to clients

of all ages, including children and families.

"Our goal is to provide comprehensive mental health services to our community, addressing the

diverse needs of our population," says Crissy Webster. "What makes us unique is the variety of

services we offer, going beyond the conventional offerings of smaller practices. We believe in

the benefits of these services for all our clients."

Crissy Webster Counseling Services, LLC actively contributes to the community by addressing

mental health needs and offering specialty groups such as trauma-informed parenting groups.

These groups focus on the individual struggles of participants, providing a tailored approach

rather than a one-size-fits-all parenting program.

Looking ahead, Crissy Webster has ambitious plans for the future, expressing the hope to

expand the practice further and potentially establish another fully operational location in

Southwest Florida.

When asked why she chose the Springfield area for the second location, Webster shared,

"Springfield is a great community, but like most rural areas, there are not many services

available to families who live in nearby smaller service areas. I was born and raised in this

community, so it feels great to give back to the same community."

For more information about Crissy Webster Counseling Services, LLC and its range of services,

please visit

Janet Salem, Jerry Farnum (Chamber President), Mike Schmitt (Chamber Vice President), Heidi Richards, Taylor Drinker (Chamber Co-Director), Crissy Webster (Business Owner), Scott Richardson, Tyler Jenesky, Deanne Richardson, and Jessica Beebe

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